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こそあど 4: こんなに・そんなに・あんなに・どんなに "Such/Like that..." (Part Two)

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Welcome to part two of your lesson on そんな・こんな・あんな・どんな! This will be a somewhat shorter one, so don't worry if you're still traumatized by the length of part one. (*Nervous laughter*)

What's different about part two, you ask? Well, by the end of this lesson, you'll be able to say "I didn't know you liked pizza that much", in Japanese. Important, right?

Particle add-ons, baby


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    "I didn't think it would be this difficult.”

But first, a quick review

In the previous lesson, we covered how the こそあど words こんな, そんな, and あんな can be used to express "this..." or "that...", with どんな being "which...". As with other こそあど words, こんな refers to things close to the speaker, そんな to things nearer the listener or a bit far from both the listener and speaker if they are close together, and あんな to things further away than that.

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