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〜と: Conditionals 2

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Welcome to another lesson about conditionals. I bet you're still buzzing with excitement from the last one... but if you're not, now's the time to get buzzing again. Sigh, what am I saying. That would only make sense if you were a bee or something. Ah!!! I can't stop using conditionals!!!

Using と to create a conditional statement


  • b

    dictionary form

    verb/negative, casual form form verb/い-adjectiveClause

  • b


    "If you don't have a car you can't do anything.”

In our previous lesson, we covered using the conditional form (~ば) of verbs and adjectives to create conditional statements. We also covered a wide variety of usages including hypotheticals, facts, and so-called "first conditionals" that express future events (e.g. "If it rains, I won't go").

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