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ところ: "Place” ・”About to..."・"Just..."

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We have a special "QUADRUPLE FUNCTION" lesson today! Which is clearly awesome, because who doesn't love a word that can function in not just one, two, or three, but FOUR different ways, right? I guess the bad news is that... it means more stuff to memorize. But don't worry, this one's pretty easy. Let's get to it.

ところ: A very versatile place

Okay, like I said, we'll be covering four distinct usages of this bad boy today. The first, you may be familiar with already! Rejoice!

Anyways, let's be on our way to ところ-town!

ところ①: "Place"


  • b

    → うるさいところきじゃないよ。
    "I don't like noisy places."

The first usage is super basic. Since the noun ところ simply means "place", we can attach a noun, verb, or adjective to it, and describe it. Like so:

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