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June 18, 2024

The new N3 Content Drop just landed!

Hey everyone, hope your studies are going well! From now on we'll be posting content drop updates here as well! We've previously been posting about them on our Discord, but we figured it might also be nice to know for users not on our Discord!

Until now, we've been keeping to our schedule of a new batch of 7 adventure levels per two weeks, and this time is no exception! So expect to find 5 new Grammar Lessons, 1 new Reading Exercise, and 1 new Unlocks Batch. As usual, we've also added stories (mnemonics) for all Kanji in the new unlocks batch.

Here goes:

Another batch of notoriously awesome N3 content is coming right at you! The announcement may be a day late, but that’s only because Maru wanted to befriend all the creatures of the alphabet starting from Z. Zebras and yellow-eyed penguins were fine, but things went downhill from there…

Anyway, in this batch, find plenty of grammatical trouble-makers demystified, such as 〜ば〜ほど (the more you learn about it, the better it gets), 〜のに for “for”, and もの・もん for excuses and justification (does your country’s soccer/football team need this right about now?). What’s more, you’ll level up with a new verb form: 〜ず. Exciting stuff!

Then, in this batch’s reading exercise, check out a Japanese city hall, chat about “half-truths”, and get a sneak peek into Shiori’s diary. All of this, and more, await you in the Jungle of Tenacity! Happy studies!

June 14, 2024

Leeches and Recently Studied Page, Quick Study Layout Options and more!

Hot off the press is another update! This one went live just minutes ago!

Today we have a few much-requested new features and improvements for you. Let's get into it!

Leeches and Recently Studied Page

When you open the MM home page from today onwards, you might notice a new section informing you about a Recently Studied page. If you click the button (or follow this link) you will get to a page where we list your study "leeches" and also show you tables containing your recently learned items, your recently reviewed items (and the review result; level-up or level-down), and your recent mistakes (as a filter). To make it more convenient, we split them up per Review Type (Grammar, Vocabulary, and Kanji), so you can check each type separately.

So you might be wondering, "What exactly are these "leeches"?

Leeches are items that you often fail, meaning that they constantly return in your SRS reviews and you just can't seem to get them to Mastered rank. Our criteria for this is the following:

  • b

    Leveled down more than 4 times

  • b

    Currently below level 9

  • b

    Review Accuracy Percentage below 70%

Don't worry if you see a big list of leeches, everyone has these study leeches throughout their journey, but without putting in extra effort, they might just keep bogging down your review sessions!

So to help you with that, we've also added quick study buttons for all of these lists (except for the Grammar Type, as you can't currently quick study those)! Just select the items you want and hit that button to do some extra reps on those pesky leeches, newly learned items, or recent review mistakes!

Here's a quick pro tip: You can use the SHIFT key to select many items in the tables at once!

Aside from leeches, it's also quite handy to view your recent SRS history! You can keep on loading more to go further down memory lane too! Especially handy to see all your recent mistakes.

Quick Study Options (Layouts)

Another new feature to tie into this is the ability to choose which layouts you want to do during Quick Study.

You can either do all layouts, meaning only, or reading only, whichever you'd prefer!

Other Features & Improvements

We're not done yet! Here are a few other features and improvements that went live next to the above:

  • b

    The Known Statistics Graphs for Native Materials (Novels, Games, etc) are now available on your Study List Details page if it's a Native Material Study List.

  • b

    Manage Items - Now shows how many items you've selected next to the overall item count.

  • b

    Vocabulary & Kanji SRS - Now shows - "読み方 (Reading)" - as the placeholder when prompting for a Reading answer.

  • b

    Manage Items - If your sorting is set to Frequency, it will now sort on Frequency (Descending) by default.

  • b

    Stories (SRS & Dictionary) - Made the edit buttons more obvious and added some text about getting a community story or creating a personal one when no story has been favorited yet (or there is no MM story available).

  • b

    Grammar SRS - The prompts now support Furigana! We'll be adding furigana to all prompts with kanji in them over the coming weeks!


  • b

    Study Lists Details Page - Added some padding to the bottom to prevent statistics from being hidden on mobile due to the navigation bar.

  • b

    Dictionary - Fixed an issue where the page would not render properly if the meaning of an item started with "(" and contained multiple "," inside the parentheses.

  • b

    Quick Study - Fixed an issue where the redirect after ending a quick study session would have a wrong URL and result in a 500 error page being shown.

  • b

    General - Fixed issues with caching resulting in 500 error pages being shown whenever the cache expired after a new update. This change should result in the page automatically getting the latest version and refreshing upon navigation to another page. Preventing the page from erroring out 🤞

There's also something else I'd like to share with the reading champions that made it to the end of this changelog: I've started coding work on the mobile apps for MaruMori 🎉 Hoping to share some more news about this in the near future!

June 11, 2024

Development Roundup: Major Dictionary Search Improvements, Adventure Unlocks Page, and a whole bunch of other features, improvements and bugfixes!

Hey all! Welcome to another development roundup! There have been a lot of changes, bugfixes, and improvements lately that I had yet to write about in a proper changelog. So here we go! emoji-/images/emojis/marubabi.png

Dictionary Search - Sentence Parsing

You probably have noticed already if you've been using the dictionary, but you can now throw in complete sentences in the search bar, and it will automatically parse and tokenize the sentence for you!

As you can see, it will automatically display the words in the sentence separately and let you click on them to search for that word right away.

Even better, if the word is conjugated, it will automatically search for the base-form version to get the most accurate results, and show you the exact process of the deconjugation.

Adventure Unlocks Page

The adventure unlocks popup modal has been replaced! We now have a new page dedicated to the Unlock Items Tile in Adventure. This has two major benefits:

  • b

    You can now instantly mark (selected) unlock items as known while unlocking them at the same time

  • b

    You no longer have to navigate back to the adventure region to check the unlocks when finishing a grammar lesson or reading exercise. Just click on "next lesson" and it will take you to the unlocks page if the next tile is an unlocks tile. It's also the same when you want to go to the next lesson from the unlocks page. Woohoo!

So how do you mark things as known while unlocking them? Simple! Just hit the button -> start selecting the items you already know -> click the button at the bottom -> Done!

Need a little reminder of what marking as known does? I gotchu! Marking as known is similar to suspending items, in the sense that they don't show up at all anymore in either lessons or reviews. However, the main difference is that items marked as known also won't show furigana in Grammar SRS sentences (and other sections in the future).

Other New Features

  • b

    Study Friends - We've upped the limit of friends to 30! Some of you guys were getting too popular, so we had no choice but to up it 😀

  • b

    Grammar SRS - Furigana will no longer show on fake tokens if the correct token is known to you, and the reverse is also true (show furigana if unknown). This prevents spoiling the correct answer for you.

  • b

    Quick Study - Now actively tries to prevent showing the same layout again right away where possible.

  • b

    Dictionary - Now shows the MM Adventure Study List index on search results and detail pages of items, so you can quickly see if the item is in the adventure list, and what index it is at.

  • b

    Manage Items - Each item now has a button to go to the dictionary details page of that item easily.

  • b

    Study Lists - When you add the same item twice to a study list, it will no longer change the index, so the item stays where you first added it.

Small Improvements

  • b

    Dictionary - Search - Now displays what you searched for in the browser title

  • b

    Dictionary - Search - Improved the results for English searches

  • b

    Manage Items - You can now filter on level 0 (unlearned) items.

  • b

    SRS - Added tooltips for the lightning mode and settings buttons.

  • b

    Profile - Badges now have tooltips

  • b

    Manage Items - Now shows a loading visual when doing large actions (suspending/demoting many items, etc.)


  • b

    Resolved issues with database lock timeouts, which would sometimes result in MM showing a 500 error page upon navigation.

  • b

    Number Input - Number validation was too aggressive and would not let you input single digits after backspacing. This has been resolved.

  • b

    Profile - Fixed an issue where you'd be unable to select which badges to display on your profile.

  • b

    Grammar Lessons - Fixed an issue with the newest iOS versions having horizontal scrolling on the page.

  • b

    Manage Items - The demote popup would default to level "-1" if unlearned items were also selected. This has been fixed.

  • b

    Manage Items - Fixed an issue where you would be unable to search through grammar items.

  • b

    Dictionary - Search - Now properly trims trailing whitespace from searches.

  • b

    Dictionary - Search - Fixed an issue with items with parentheses in the main meaning from displaying properly.

  • b

    Manage Items - Demote - Fixed an issue where the count for selected items to demote would be wrong.

  • b

    Statistics - Fixed some timezone display issues for the heatmaps.

Pfew! That's all for now, but we've already got a few other awesome projects and features lined up for the next few days. Keep an eye out for a recently studied/mistakes & leeches page going live very soon!

May 8, 2024

WaniKani Daily Sync/Import, and a new Marking items as Known feature!

Hot off the press is another new update bringing you some things that have been requested quite a bit! And for good reason too! Aside from adding a way to mark words as known (not exactly the same as suspending!) We're pleased to say we've added a daily sync (or a one-time import) for WaniKani. Perfect for if you want to combine MaruMori with WaniKani!

Let's get into it!

WaniKani Sync and Import

You can now connect your WaniKani account with MaruMori! This can be useful if you learned Vocabulary or Kanji there before, or if you are currently learning those items over at WaniKani. You can do so over at the Account Links section on the Settings page.

When you connect your account, you can select either a daily sync or a one-time import. In either case, it will grab all the items you've learned over at WK and mark those as "known" in MM (unless you already have SRS progress on an item in MM, then it ignores it). You can also select a minimum SRS level so that it will only mark items at that level or higher (in WK) as known.

If you do not select the daily sync option, it becomes a one-time import of known items from WaniKani. Perfect for if you aren't actively studying on WaniKani anymore (level 60 anyone??).

As you can imagine, this is a game-changer for those of you using both WK and MM, as it ensures that what you learned over there gets marked as known, and thus stays out of your lesson and review queue on MM. Along with another benefit!

Mark As Known

We've added options for you to mark things as known on multiple different pages, such as the Manage Items page of a Study List.

Now you might be wondering how this is different from just suspending items. Well, marking items as known has some additional benefits! Items marked as known will also count for the adaptive furigana during Grammar SRS (and soon, other pages too!), and for things like the Satori Reader Sync. This makes the Grammar SRS even better for those bringing kanji and vocabulary knowledge from elsewhere!

We'll likely also implement a way for known items to show up in your progress statistics (such as the JLPT kanji/vocabulary bars) soon, so you can truly flex your actual knowledge!

So, if you know an item already, you mark it as known, if you just don't want to learn/review an item, you suspend it.

Of course, we also indicate whether items are known on the relevant pages. And we've also added a way to mark items as unknown in case you change your mind later on!

To make things easier, we've also added in some extra filters for the manage items list. You can now also filter by "known", "unknown", or "unknown & unsuspended" status.

Oh, and we've also adjusted the known vocab/kanji import tool, to mark things as known rather than suspend. So it truly lives up to its name now!

Small note: Be careful with the known import tool if you are already learning on MaruMori though, as this one does not keep in mind your current learning progress of the items you put into it. However, you can always mark the items as unknown again to continue your studies (it won't ever wipe out your progress).

May 1, 2024

Main Study List Rework! Unlocks now work a bit differently!

Hey all! Hope your studies are going well!

As you might have noticed, yesterday we had some extended maintenance on MaruMori. This maintenance was needed in order to deploy a very large rework of how everyone's Main Study Lists work.

Remind me, what are the Main Study Lists again?

The Main Study Lists are the lists that fill up as you progress through the regions in Adventure. When you unlock new vocabulary and kanji, these items go into your Main Kanji & Vocabulary Study List. When you complete Grammar Lessons, the Grammar SRS homework items get added to your Main Grammar Study List.

(P.s.: we added some new artwork while at it!)

Okay cool! So what exactly changed then?

Good question! The answer is a little bit technical, as we had to change a lot on the backend side of things (hence the maintenance). But to explain it simply: Everyone is now using the same lists, rather than personal lists. This means that we can easily make changes to the main lists now, without having to blow up the server to sync the changes to everyone's personal main lists.

Now you might be wondering if this changes anything for your studies? Typically speaking: Nope! If you just progress through the Adventure Regions, things will still unlock as you go, just like how they did before! The main change for you is that you can now also manually unlock items and work ahead without having to unlock the adventure level for it, or without having to complete the grammar lesson for it.

This makes the main study lists a lot more versatile in use, as you can unlock anything you want at any time to get a specific item (from the main lists) in your queue.

Before, you could also do this, but you'd either have to make a personal study list and add the items to that, or grab the complete main study list from the premade section. Now that's not needed anymore unless you want to, of course emoji-/images/emojis/marubabi.png

How do I manually unlock things?

You can manually unlock items by going to the manage items page of one of the main study lists -> selecting the item(s) you want to unlock -> clicking on "unlock items" in the actions dropdown and boom! The new items are queued for your upcoming lessons!

As you can see in the screenshot, we also show you which items are locked and which aren't, through a lock icon. That way you can quickly see which ones you have left to do, and which are still locked.

We've also added a way for you to filter items on their locked state, which you can combine with other filters and search queries too.

A quick note on this: You do not need to do this at all if you just want to unlock things as you go in Adventure (how it was before). This still works the exact same way. Items automatically unlock when you do a grammar lesson or complete an unlocks tile.

What's next?

Now that we have the Main Study Lists working like this, we can finally start fine-tuning their content again! This is especially true for the Vocabulary and Kanji Main Study List. We have a lot of good changes lined up which means we'll swap positions of some items, add new items, and even remove items. These changes will happen automatically, so you might start seeing some new items pop up in your lessons queue based on how far you've unlocked things!

When we make these changes, we'll be sure to announce what we've changed as well, so keep an eye out for that!

Another fun thing to mention is that due to this change, the performance of many calls should now be a bit better than before, resulting in a faster website and experience! Woohoo!