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April 1, 2024

The MM easter egg hunt is on!

Eggs? Scattered all over the Islands?

How did they get there? Who hid them? Was it Maru??? The truth is… no one knows the origin of these mysterious eggs. But one thing that is certain is that you can net yourself a shiny achievement for finding all of them!

This is a limited-time event, so don’t dilly-dally! Search through all current regions and get your Easter egg hunt on! For convenience, we've added a small counter at the bottom so you know how many you have left to find (per region)! Good luck!

Happy Easter from all of us on the MM team! We're very proud of our community, and we hope everyone had a nice long weekend!

February 24, 2024

Features Update: Grammar SRS Sentence Audio, (Adaptive) SRS Furigana, Prestige Markers and more!

Today we'll be rounding up a few of the latest development updates again! These new features and fixes went live a little while ago, so you might have already encountered them! (Or in the case of bugfixes, hopefully, you didn't notice a thing afterward, other than it working correctly 😀 ).

Let's get started!

Grammar SRS Sentence Audio

We've added audio for all questions/sentences! This audio will autoplay when you get to the backside of the lesson quiz or review. We hope that this further reinforces what the correct answer is. One small note: If you use lightning mode to skip the backside (when correct), it will skip the audio autoplay, as otherwise, it would play the previous sentence's audio while you are trying to focus on the new sentence/question.

Grammar SRS (Adaptive) Furigana Settings

We've added furigana to the Unscramble type Grammar SRS layouts! But that's not all as we're also giving you control over when furigana should be displayed through two new settings:

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  • b

    Only unknown vocabulary (Adaptive).

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If you choose the adaptive option, another setting will pop up which will let you choose the minimum SRS level before a word is considered as known. This means you get fine-grained control over when something should display furigana or not.

Here's an example:

In the above picture, I've set the furigana setting to adapative and put it at SRS level 5. MM now knows that you "know" 山 already (SRS level 5 or higher), while 歩いた displays furigana as 歩く either hasn't been learned yet or is below level 5.

In general we try to not give you any unknown words for Grammar SRS as long as you keep up with the vocab/kanji unlocks from the main course, but there are a few needed exceptions here and there. So we hope that this setting helps you all parse sentences more easily!

You can find this setting on the global settings page.

SRS Audio AutoPlay Setting

You can now enable or disable Audio autoplay for SRS Lessons and Reviews (both vocab/kanji and grammar at once). You can find this setting on the global settings page.

Prestige Markers

Recently, one of our most active users reached level 100 on MaruMori. That means their level got reset back to level 1, but they now have a cool prestige marker (and a new title) on their avatar to indicate how much work they put in. Congratulations Rebecca! 🎉 (Also, how are you level (1)23 again already???)

Other fun stuff!

  • b

    Home - SRS Rank Bars - Now always shows a tooltip when hovering over one of the bars.

  • b

    Home - SRS Rank Bars - Now has a separate bar for Grammar items.

  • b

    Home - Now shows how many kanji and vocabulary you learned as statistics.

  • b

    Study Lists - Added a premade Joyo kanji Study List!

  • b

    Study Lists - Added pictures to all JLPT Study Lists to help differentiate them.


  • b

    Example Sentences - Fixed an issue with duplicate furigana showing up.

  • b

    Dictionary - Fixed an issue where the add buttons would get hidden behind the vocabulary blocks on some resolutions.

  • b

    Quick Study - Now updates the progress bar per completed review, rather than having to complete all of a single item's reviews for it to progress a bit.

  • b

    Study Streak Saver - Fixed an issue where it wouldn't properly find a gap to restore in certain cases.

  • b

    Adventure - Fixed an issue with the pointer having a weird offset on the level tiles.

  • b

    Dictionary - Now properly trims your search again.

February 20, 2024

Content Updates Roundup

Heyo! In this content changelog, I’ll quickly go over some of our last few content updates, as well as our game plan moving forward over the next few months.

Grammar SRS

After one final game-winning push of putting out a big batch of grammar points every Friday, the content team has caught grammar SRS up to current content! This means you can now expect grammar lessons to drop fully equipped with grammar SRS items for you to unlock and drill. We think this is the ideal way to internalize grammar, as you can go straight from reading the lesson content, into drilling the patterns. For now, every two weeks five new lessons will drop along with grammar SRS points. This pacing may change, but more on that in a moment…

N3 Progress

We’ve also been hard at work progressing through N3, and I’m happy to say that we already have 20 grammar lessons published, along with their grammar SRS points, as well as four reading exercises. Our plan moving forward is to keep publishing N3 content at a steady and sustainable pace, while also leaving time to work on content in other areas as well (mock exams, anyone?). Over the coming weeks, we’ll evaluate whether or not we can increase our current pace of 7 adventure levels/two weeks, and potentially provide new N3 content even quicker.

New (content) stuff???

Speaking of new content, we have a couple of new features in the works. One big one is our JLPT mock exam tool. This has been on the back burner for a little while as we focused on grammar SRS, but we’ll be returning to it soon and hope to provide the community with an awesome tool for test practice and self-assessment. We also have a huge number of new native-content study lists inbound, so be on the lookout for those in the near future.

January 21, 2024

Quick Study (Cram), Level Markers in the Dictionary, and a whole bunch of bugfixes and smaller features!

Hello! It's time to round up a few development updates into a new changelog entry! Let's get into it:

Quick Study (Cramming/Drilling)

We've added ways for you to study any vocabulary or kanji you want at any time! You can start a quick study session by selecting items on the manage items page of a study list (quick tip: hold shift while selecting to select a whole range of items!) and by entering the number of repetitions you wish to do for each item.

Once in a session, you will have to correctly review each selected item the number of repetitions you entered. With this you can really drill yourself on these items! Essentially doing the same thing as cramming before an exam.

We've also added a new button to the results page of a lesson session and the results page of a review session, so you can easily start a new quick study session with either the items you just learned or the items you just failed. Especially the latter is a great way to get some extra practice in on the items you might struggle with (did anyone say leeches?).

Level & Suspended Markers on the Dictionary pages

Sometimes, when looking up words or kanji in the dictionary, you might be wondering if you already learned this before or if you should add it to a study list. After learning many items, it can be difficult to keep track of what exactly you already learned or not. Or perhaps what you have suspended in the past.

We've added some simple but effective new markers to each dictionary entry that indicate the current level (if learned) and whether an item is suspended or not:

As you can see, it even shows per form what their current level is and whether it is suspended. Handy when you've learned a form different from the main dictionary form!

We've also updated the Grammar Library to show whether an item is suspended or not too:

Other Improvements

  • b

    Friends - Now shows your own exp too!

  • b

    Kana Minigame - Added a "show kana chart" button to the start sections, so that you can remind yourself which kana is which before starting.

  • b

    Kana Minigame - Added alternative inputs (such as "sya" vs "sha" for しゃ) as correct input answers.

  • b

    Home - Lessons & Reviews Modal - The button colors now change to grey if no lessons or reviews are available. Making it easier to see if you have work to do.

  • b

    Grammar SRS - Unscramble - Removed most of the whitespace on top for mobile resolutions.

Bug Fixes

  • b

    Manage Items - Tooltip - The tooltip would sometimes stretch to 100% width when hovering over row data. This has been fixed.

  • b

    Manage Items - Column sorting and then selecting items while holding shift now works properly.

  • b

    Friends - Details Page - No longer shows the hidden level 👀

  • b

    Kana Minigame - Hints modal is no longer empty at tenten and later drills. It now shows all kana.

  • b

    Premade Study Lists Overview - Fixed a layout issue when the selected category is empty.

  • b

    Grammar Lessons - H4 titles now also properly resizes based on your text size setting.

  • b

    Grammar Lessons - Fixed the padding for the Grammar SRS homework section and adjusted the text to be more clear.

  • b

    Friends - You can now accept pending requests of other users if they become friend #15 (the max) in your friends list.

January 1, 2024

The First N3 Adventure Content Batch Is Live!

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year celebration! The MaruMori team wishes you a very happy 2024, filled with a lot of Japanese studying and getting closer to your study goals! emoji-/images/emojis/marulitblue.png emoji-/images/emojis/marulityellow.png On that note, did you set your study goals for 2024 yet? Now might be the perfect time to do just that!

We're starting the new year with a bang as we just released our first adventure levels batch for N3! That means our usual bi-weekly schedule is on again.

If you are not familiar with our schedule, it means that we drop a new batch of adventure levels every two weeks, consisting of 5 new grammar lessons, 1 reading exercise, and 1 batch of vocabulary & kanji SRS unlocks.

As mentioned before, our grammar SRS content is also catching up to our N3 content pretty soon (in about a month if all goes well). When that happens, we're going to focus on a few other things first (Mock Exams.. anyone?), but we'll likely also look into speeding up our adventure batch releases to a weekly schedule 👀

In other news, the Holiday Sale is nearing its final days! So get it while it's hot!