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~かしら・~な・~ぞ・かな: Sentence-Enders 2

apprentice #22
~ 5 Minutes


What say we head down to the ol' skating rink for some ice hockey, eh? Or how about we check out that new statue of Bigfoot committing tax fraud down on Main street, hmm? You don't want to? Some friend you are, HUH?

The way you end your sentence matters. Period.

Many different ways to end your sentence (in style)

Today's lesson is going to be all about sentence-enders. You already know ね and よ and よね. And chances are if you've ever watched any anime, you might be familiar with a couple of the new ones we'll cover today. Sentence-enders are often dismissed as being overly simple, but when you get down to their uses and nuances, there's quite a bit to cover.

So let's go ahead and get started, shall we?

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