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~ように・~ような: Comparisons and Similes

apprentice #38
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This lesson is like a shooting star: awe-inspiring, beautiful, and mysterious. On the other hand, Japanese learning methods other than MaruMori are like mud: muddy and uh... weird. Idk, I'm not a poet (or am I 👀).

Today we're learning how to say "things are 'like' other things" AKA comparisons. Let's make like a band and get the show on the road!

To my dear MM user,

You're like an angel 😍


  • b


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    "To eat like a pig”

My heart yearns to tell you of this useful grammar,
and so let me tell you a story, I promise not to stammer.

A story of comparison, contrast, and what something's "like",
And no don't worry, it doesn't involve Mike.

There once was a lesson, not so long ago.
A lesson that covered 〜よう.

It covered it well, but disaster soon befell!
Just when you thought "Things are going so well,"

Another usage appears and you cry "Help me please!"
"This can't be its only use, to express what one sees."
Never fear, my student, we can just ask the bees!

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