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〜ばかり : Nothing but...・~たばかり: Just...

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This lesson is nothing but awesome, and I'm nothing but a sad, hungry soul, in search of a good bowl of ramen. One with chashu. Oh, and those bamboo shoot thingies. Yum. What was I saying again?

ばかり: Whatever you do, don't drop the り

I'm not going to pull any punches, ばかり is a fairly complicated piece of grammar. So much so that in this introductory lesson alone we'll be looking at two distinct usages, while still leaving a lot to cover later on. But that doesn't mean you can't master it and all its intricacies. As always, the first and hardest step is starting. So, let's get going.

ばかり①:Nothing but ばかり


  • b

    → ここにいるのはバカばかりだ。
    "All we have here are nothing but idiots.”

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