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前・後・横 Prepositions 1

elementary #32
~ 5 Minutes


Mike: “Omg! Steve, watch out, there’s a huuge spider!”
Velociraptor Steve: “Where? Where?”
Mike: “…There!”
Velociraptor Steve: “WHERE MIKE?? WHERE???”
Mike: “THERE!!!” End scene.

Ah yes, another large spider incident that could have been avoided simply by knowing your prepositions. Today, we’re going to learn about the prepositions うしろ (behind), まえ (front), and よこ (beside) in Japanese.

before we get started
Throughout this lesson, you may see 後 with ろ as okurigana, or you may see ろ included in the furigana above. It can be written either way, but having it as okurigana is slightly more common, and I believe you’ll see why shortly…

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