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~つもりだ "Intending/Planning to..."

elementary #64
~ 5 Minutes


Today, we’ll be learning how to express one important thing: our intentions. Ready to learn how to brag about your intent to master the Japanese language?! 😁 What’s that? You don’t wanna brag? Well then, we’ll also learn how to express that we have no intention to brag!

Oh Boy, Do I Have Plans!


“I intend/I plan to …”

  • b

    Casual Verbつもり
    I plan on eating.”

“I intend/I plan on not doing…”

  • b

    Negative, Casual Verbつもり
    I intend not to eat.”

As you might already know, having an intention means having a certain aim or goal. So when you tell someone your intention, you’re also saying that you have the determination to do something!

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