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~ている: Progressive Form/Habitual Actions

elementary #77
~ 5 Minutes


It’s time to buckle up and once again expand our て-form knowledge by learning more of its many usages! Today, we’ll be using it together with いる to form the well-known, well-loved, and well-… seasoned(?) ~ている!

The main usage of ~ている that we’ll be tackling today is how it describes ongoing actions (i.e. progressive and progressive continuous tenses), as well as how we can use it to talk about our hobbies. That’s right, even your super secret extreme ironing hobby. What’s that? I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone?? O-Oh… Err… L-let's get on with the lesson!

It’s Happening!


Polite form:

  • b

    Affirmative: て-form Verbいます

  • b

    Negative: て-form Verbいません

    I’m eating breakfast now.”

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