Study Resources & Acknowledgements

MaruMori was built on the shoulders of giants. On this page we not only attribute our sources, but also express our gratitute to each of the projects, tools and platforms below.

Study Resources & Friends

  • Satori Reader offers Japanese stories designed specifically for learners. Its adaptive display engine allows you to see kanji, kana, and readings according to your individual knowledge and preferences. Even better, you can set up a sync to automatically import the kanji you learn in MaruMori so that the stories you read in Satori Reader accommodate your growing knowledge.

  • A fantastic resource for learning Kanji. Most of us in the MaruMori team were WaniKani users that completed their kanji course with great results. Knowing that many of our users come from WK, we made sure to integrate MaruMori with WK's API so that you can import your WK kanji as known/learned.

  • Jisho is one of the most famous online Japanese Dictionaries, and for good reason! It's our main inspiration for the dictionary feature.

  • Made by the same team as WaniKani, Tofugu is a blog about the Japanese language and culture. They have a lot of great articles about just about everything related to Japan(ese).


  • The fantastic frontend framework used to build MaruMori. We love working with Svelte!

  • The backend language used to build MaruMori. Relatively simple to learn, but oh so performant.

  • The legendary Japanese dictionary database used to power MaruMori's dictionary feature. Made by Jim Breen and countless of other contributors. Powering most of the Japanese Dictionaries and Apps you can find online.

  • The source of most of the kanji data used in MaruMori. Again, made by Jim Breen and countless of other contributors.

  • A JavaScript library that provides utilities for working with Japanese text.

  • A Japanese morphological analyzer. Used to segment Japanese text into words and particles.

  • A linguistic framework that helps parse Japanese sentences - by Kim Ahlström. We use a custom version inspired by Ve to parse Japanese sentences in various MaruMori features.